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brain development in lockdown

may 2020 –– 2 min read


we are all in more static environments during quarantine

it is vital, particularly for children, to increase our exposure to new experiences to promote optimal brain development

synaptic pruning:

🧠 children have 2-3x as many neurons (brain cells) as adults

side effects

in extreme cases, failing to experience sufficient sensory input has dire consequences

side effects during lockdown

in our less extreme case, there may still be measurable effects

enriching ideas

anything which engages our brain and body with new experiences helps facilitate brain development

(working on a list of more brain developing and enriching activities, check back soon!)

despite the situation, our brains are resilient and plastic, we can adapt and recover from issues like these.

there is a great opportunity to use everything at our disposal now to improve enrichment for both our child & adult lives

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