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Non-lethal weapons

dec 2019 –– 2 min read

America struggles to have productive discussions about deadly firearms. To get out of this hole, we should strive for more effective non-lethal weapons.


Considering all of this, we can't easily get rid of guns like other countries have done.

They are too prevalent and popular to remove from society outright.

Improve weapons technology

Improving self-defense technology may give us an escape.

Here are a few examples of improvements that could be made:

The fact that a deadly bullet costs less than $1 seems wrong. Life insurance values a human life upwards of $9 million. [5] There is room for weapons manufacturers to charge much more for bullets.

The non-lethal alternative

Non-lethal weapons could become more popular in our culture.

Ideally, we would avoid permanently killing someone until we have all of the information necessary.

Weapons which incapacitate targets, without outright killing them, would better suit self-defense

A safer planet

Making weapons safer and smarter can achieve widespread support.

We should embrace non-lethal weapons, invest in self-defense technology, and discuss technological improvements to progress beyond the status quo.

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