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Everyday memory palaces

jan 2020 –– 3 min read

The memory palace is a technique to improve your memory to superhuman levels.[wiki]

Average people can memorize 10,000+ digits of Pi, recall hundreds of objects, and remember pages of poetry lines using it.

While often used for silly feats like these, I use memory palaces almost every day, in my personal life & work, to keep a virtual notebook inside my head.

On this page I explain the technique, tips to improve your use and many handy ways to apply it.


If already you're familiar with memory palaces, you can skip ahead.

In a nutshell, a memory palace is about visualizing each thought as an object along a path, as if it were a real experienced memory. our brain is much better at remembering things this way.


If you visualized these mental images clearly, you should be able to remember these items for a few days.

You may even remember some of the objects if you revisited your memory palace months in the future

In general, you can use memory palaces to store any kind of information in different imagined locations

Tips & tricks

As you use memory palaces, you develop some tricks that help your mind remember better. Here are a few I use:


Now that you're familiar with memory palaces, I'll give a few examples where you can use them:

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