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How to not die

may 2021

This page aims to be an aggregated list of preventable and impending threats to your life or others.

This was created following my surprise that such fundamental information is not widely taught.

If there's some information we can read to give us a chance at preventing death, all people ought to know it. It might take only a few minutes of time to learn, and potentially save lives in the future.

This guide makes a reasonable effort to validate and back its information with scientific evidence and authoritative sources.

However, especially for those without a given source, you should consider this information urban legends or last resorts.

Expert corrections and additions are strongly welcomed.

^^NOTICE: Call 911, or contact your local emergency services immediately if in an emergency. This is not medical advice. The author has no medical experience or background and claims no responsibility for how this article is used or any harms relating to the article's information. Verify for yourself or consult with a medical expert before following any health advice you read on the Internet, including here.^^

🚧 NOTICE: This page is a work in progress. 🚧

Meta life-saving tips

Before any specific scenarios, here are a few "meta" tips that apply to most life-threatening situations.

All threats

Preventable causes of death, sorted by importance and rarity.

Life saving devices

It's a good idea to have a stock of life-saving devices with you. In your home, workplace, and/or car.

When considering the possibility of saving a life, the extra $20+ these cost is nothing compared to their utility.

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